About Lipna

Hi! I am Lipna. Welcome to my world !!

Theoretical Introduction: I finished my Masters from State University of New York at Binghamton in Computer Science. And I did my BS from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Sylhet, Bangladesh) in Computer Science & Engineering. I worked as a ‘ Technology Analyst’ @ Goldman Sachs for one and half year. Then joined Aria Systems as a ‘Web Engineer’  on January 2009.

Personal Introduction: Originally I am from one of the most beautiful and greenish country Bangladesh. I have dreams to reach the stars and to make impossible things possible :) I miss my family like anything who are far away from me in Bangladesh….I try to live each moment as much as possible…I believe life is beautiful and exciting even though there are moments of ups and downs…

I love watching movies, listening to musics and reading blogs!!

Seeing others blog I thought of having one of my own…hope I am regular and keep posting :)

This is me…a very small part of what really I am…

So to know me more and my interests …keep coming here and Stay Tuned :)

“I am spreading my wings And one day I believe I’ll learn how to fly ….”


50 thoughts on “About Lipna

  1. Thanks for your wish Tanim!
    Ya..I like those lines too and believe that no matter what if you believe in somehtign and put your effort you will make it come true……

  2. Hi Lipna,

    It’s nice to see you active in blog again. I like reading blogs in my leisure. I have a favorite list and now I’ve marked your blog in that list.

    Please keep posting and keep posting relevant photos of the topics; photo increase readability and attraction.

    Wish you good time.


  3. নড়িং নড়িং গঙ্গা ফড়িং
    চড়িং চড়িং ঘোড়ায় চড়িং
    ঘোড়ায় চড়িং যুদ্ধ করিং
    যুদ্ধ করিং সিংহ মারিং
    সিংহ মারিং যুদ্ধ করিং
    বলেই ফড়িং উল্টে পড়িং

    Nice to see your blog. Keep it up.

  4. It’s really good to see Bangladeshis reaching for the sky. I hope you the best and may be someday we all can do something great for our Bangladesh.

  5. Hi,U know what u r best sister in the world.Every bad or good moment u r with me.And u r my sweet great sis.I am very lucky u r my sister.love u apu

  6. I like Hasin’s comment. কিন্তু বাম্বুটা কাকে দিলো বুঝতে পারলাম না… Any ways, nice site…

  7. Hi Lipna,
    How are u ? I read your profile. Nice profile – like the way you express yourself.
    I want to know about yourself.

  8. nice! Ghas Foring er golpo k na soon te chai!! khub moja pelam site ta dekhe..aro valo laglo amader Cox Bazar r Sundorbon nia tomar kolponar kotha jene…cholo amra sobai mile Cox Bazar k World er 1 st position a nia jai..dukkher bepar position ta amra last 2 weeks aage hariasi…ekhon 4th place a aasi…cholo sobai miley onek onek vote di… :)
    Blue Mountain

  9. Hi! I don’t really update my blog that often which you have already guessed :). Nice to meet you though :)

  10. Hi Lipna, it’s a nice blog, and nice to hear from you. I think it’s another step from you what i have observed, you always do something, always busy with something remarkable. Great. :)
    Take care……….

  11. Hello Lipna,
    Nice to meet you. It’s so good to find another female blogger in blogosphere – I bump into one very rarely! I won’t say they are a rare species, but I am not lucky enough to find them!

    Care to hop over to my blog? :D

  12. Nice site, Lipna. I was looking for Kinkaide in images in Google, when I stumbled in here. I love the people that I have met from Bangladesh. In 1971, George Harrison organized the first benefit concert: The Concert for Bangladesh. When asked why he did it, he said that , well his friend came to him and asked him for help… That friend was Ravi Shankar. You can look it up on YouTube.com
    Be good,

  13. Lipna Apu,
    Such a nice blog!
    You have been added to my favorite list…
    I am CSE student too, KUET, Khulna. I went to your SUST and my bro is from there. You might haven’t seen its beauty in recent days… its amazing.. developed.
    Apu, nice knowing about you over here…. Wish your wings make you fly the way you expecting….

  14. Naimদেশ ঘুরার ইচ্ছা আমার খুব বেশি আপনার লেখাগুলো পড়ে আমার মাথাটা আরও নষ্ট হয়ে গেছে!!!!!!!! কবে যে যাবো!!!!!

  15. Hi Lipna,
    Hw r u? Hope so f9 of the almighty. I saw
    ur page its nice, its also nice to express r self, how ever go ahead bcoz u can hardwork and capabale to manage any kind of situation. best of luck.


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