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New Changed Lipna!

I am a different person now. No more the same old Lipna. It surprises me when I see my acts these days. I have changed…changed a lot. Some of the changes are really good, I always wanted them to happen. One such example would be being very focused and serious about work. I have been bad about my work responsibilities in the past. I never used to take it much seriously and now I DO! And I love my new work!

Am also very controlled at certain weak things which used to give me hard time before.

But the changes scares me are: I lost my spirit of being lively all the time…smiling..enjoying every bit of life….I don’t want to be like that…I want to explore…be happpy…live …love…& laugh!!

I believe in continuous effort for improvements.

I believe: no matter what I need to work as much I can to improve myself in the things I lack….like my health…my diets which I have been trying forever and can never manage….yet I never want to give up trying…

Right now there are two things I really wish to focus and give my best effort:

1. Improving my health – have vitamins…have healthy food, drink lots of water.

2. Smile – I want to be lively again…..the spirit of Lipna…the identity of Lipna will be lost if I become a spiritless sad lady! I want to smile, enjoy and live my life. I have walked a long way through many obstacles..and I deserve to be happy :)

Cheers towards the new Lipna and wishes for her effort towards improvements!!

Quote of the Day:

“The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well – Pierre de Courbertin”


5 thoughts on “New Changed Lipna!

  1. Carry it on Lipna!! I who was once very nearer to you want to see your smile back although I wont be able to see it. Comment on me: I am not stupid and once you get me out then it will be a real fun. Believe me I mean it. I will wait for your comment.

  2. @Someone:
    no clue who you are :(
    Have become too old to remember :P
    So many new many new interactions….am kinda lost!!!
    Still few guesses: Ayaz?? Tukun??

  3. In the given e-mail address the top domain means me. Hey Lipu as the day passes your brain is getting blank. Comeon you should do some brain storming.The 1st letter is my First name’s initial. Now break it bebuthi.

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