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Everything Ok Lipna??

Its Saturday lazy morning, with lots of sunlight outside and some wonderful musics playing in my laptop. Last week has been the most hectic week of the year at work!! And I am supposed to be very RELAXED now at this very moment. But for some reason I get this empty feeling!! Blank head….empty heart…feeling less mood!!

Am I tired?? Bored?? Frustrated?? Depressed?? Everything OK with me??? Is something missing?? Is somehting wrong???

Why don’t I go to all those events I used to love to attend in NY?? Why don’t I attend all those get together at friend’s place?? Have I lost the charm?? I still miss everything I used to do, and I still love those. I love myself for being social, being happy, lively!!! But why suddenly I have started taking the other route! Why don’t I come here in my blog and keep talking about my thoughts, what I read, stumble, my believes…my good time  and my bad time stories…..why have I become a creature with no vision ahead?? Why have I become the Lipna I never envisioned?? Is this the place where you  stop, when you reach a certain stage of your dream?? Is this what happen when you don’t know what to look forward to anymore??

This lazy relaxed saturday morning making me poder about these. I just want to ask Lipna ‘Is everything OK??’. I hope and pray she feels better and get back to her track sooner than later!!!


3 thoughts on “Everything Ok Lipna??

  1. Its not too bad to lose your track, but its too bad not to come back to your track once you realize it. Always ask your heart what you really want, it somehow knows your true desires. Follow your heart!

  2. … And don’t we call that LIFE! Life is all about rises and falls. But we have to be adjusted with that…

    I don’t know what is going on with… but I pray to Almighty so that EVERYTHING IS OK!

    Good Luck!

  3. Lipna: I think the feeling you are having now is temporary; after working so hard for a week (as you said you had the most hectic week ever at work), you are may be just tired and want to take some rest. Everything will be just fine. I am glad to see you are focusing into your work. Don’t worry, just keep up the good work and everything will be fine.

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