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I am Impressed!


Recently I got a chance to meet a wonderful person who amazed me with his work and lifestyle. He is doing his PhD at one of the finest universities in USA. And his life style is quite amazing. He does tons of jobs. He barely get chance to sleep. He is working with his Prof publishing one book, he is working on his extensive thesis resesrch, he is working as a Dorm Resident advisor and he get calls as late as 3 AM in the morning from dorm residents for as simple matter as ‘my roomate snoring….I can’t sleep…please take care’ :) He supervises two students who are 100% dependednt on him and meet/call him every now and then for simple research matters. He take care of his younger sister’s most projects as she is struggling with her Bachelors!! He is taking care of his family who lives in BD.
And to my surprise, such energitic and hardworking geek also sings. He participate in most of the Bangladeshi cultural program nearby his place.
This is just a partial list of what he does. And I was really really impressed!! I just realized what a waste I am. If someone asks me to put an exact list of what exactly I do, I don’t think I have any good list to come up with :(

So, when i was mesmerized by his energy, creativity and hardwork and quite lost with what exactly I am doing with my life and I met a summer intern at our work. She is done with her internship and leaving for her study to University of California Berkeley. I asked her about her thesis topic, and what she explained made me felt worst :(

She has come up with a great and very impressive idea and working on that. And every body specially her Prof. is appriciating her for her very thoughtful and creative idea.
Now, I am impressed and amazed by all these great wonderful people around and feeling very guilty for not doing anyhting with this life :(

Trust me, I am really really impressed and very much ashamed with myself :(


2 thoughts on “I am Impressed!

  1. you are ashamed??? why lipna?? not all the people are same, perhaps there are qualities that you have got, but she doesn’t have.perhaps, she is also thinking of you and wants be like you. you haven’t read her mind, right?? so, don’t look down upon yourself.think what you have acheived, not what you can’t do or have.

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