Heart Breaking news!

I have been following this news of the twins ‘Borsha’ and ‘Bonya’ in Bangladesh. They were conjoined twins. And the news of separating them was everywhere for last few days. Yesterday doctors had a seven hours long operation to seprate the babies. It was very critical surgical operation. One of the twin ‘Bushra’ died after seven hours of the operation.

I was so shocked, I was really hoping them to survive. The operation was successfuly done. I read in the news that so far only 25%  of such operation succeed. The other twin ‘Bonna’ is also in critical condition now. No body knows if she’ll surviev this stress or not. It is very painful seeing one of them dying.

When we take great risks with hope of surviving the outcome is heartbreaking if we loose it. The twins parents had very high hope from this operation yet they lost one chile.

I pray for ‘Borsha’s departed soul and I earnestly pray that ‘Bonya’ keeps alive!!

Read More on this news:


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