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I Want To..

At any given moment, most of us have a BIG ‘I want now’ list…Today while returning from work, I suddenly felt like jotting down my ‘want to’ list (for now)…however, this list is too big to cover here…..but here are just few

I want to: (right now)

1. Have Food made by my Mom(who’s back home in Bangladesh now :( )
2. Have a Car (no way, I can barely drive, spc. in NY/NJ)
3. Know how to Swim (don’t know, and am scared of water :| )
4. Meet my family (all are back home in BD :( )
5. Become Slim
6. Become the CEO of our company ;)
7. Meet Aishwariya & Will Smith :)
8. Go back to my childhood…spc the day my father was v happy with my good result after a long time when I was in Class VII!!  (Impossible wish)
9. Play in our village with childhood friends…
10. Become brilliant like Bill Gate/ Steve Jobs :D
11. Write a book !!
and on and on……………….


2 thoughts on “I Want To..

  1. You are really missing your family members in Bangladesh I suppose :(

    And that’s a huge list phew! and sorry for the late comment and also for not commenting on your previous posts… busy :((

  2. I want 1, 3, 4, 8 & 9 for me.. :-)
    Why don’t you visit Bangladesh this winter? There was a time when I couldn’t visit Bangladesh for 4 years and that was the worst part of my life in USA.

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