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Stumbling and Things to do for Fun!!

Mann!! I can’t think of a better tool like stumbleupon (off course after google – considering it as a search tool). I came accross thousands unknown but very interesting websites using this!! It is an awesome tool that serve two great purposes. One – Great Time pass, when i am bored to death. Two- Knowing amazing things that I would not have known otherwise !!

Anyway, so here is one thing i came accross recently (like thousands others) – “60 fun things for little or no money” and I was hinking whihc one of those I woud be intersted in :) Here is my list out of those 60 that I prefer to do for fun (with little or no money ;)

  1. Enjoy a concert in the park – Spring and summer begin free things to do in the park season. Concerts and movies are just the beginning.
  2. Go camping – Still one of the cheapest vacations one can take, especially through the US National Parks system.
  3. Go fishing.
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Visit a museum -There are lots of free museums and many others take a donation.
  6. Work on an arts and craft projects
  7. Run through your garden sprinkler.
  8. Play a pickup basketball or volleyball game in the park.
  9. Visit the library. Take out books, movies, music or take advantage of some of their great programs.
  10. Find a fireworks display.
  11. Make a kite and take it for a ride.
  12. Go for a bike ride. (I dont know how to ride bike…but wanna try)
  13. Visit the zoo. Most zoos are affordable and if you get a summer zoo pass you can visit as often as you like for one price.
  14. Read
  15. Visit a street fair. Food is cheap, plus craft displays, flea market finds and entertainment abound.
  16. Tour a college campus
  17. Bowling  – A night out for the family really doesn’t cost much, especially if you bring your own snacks.
  18. Tour a television or radio station
  19. Attend a tv show taping
  20. Stroll through a public garden
  21. Take advantage of local cultural events.
  22. Take a day trip to Washington DC where most of the museums are free.
  23. Teach yourself a new language using online tutorials and materials from the library.
  24. Start a scrapbook and fill it with items found outdoors.
  25. Jigsaw puzzles!

Hope I am able to do atleast 50% of those :)



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