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Just a Post!!

Just wanted to post something…anything !! Well, nothing is coming in my mind….the brain is completely blank and I can’t think of a single topic to write about…but I have thousands things in my mind which I want to talk about day and night and I could keep on writing on those topics on and on but for some reason when I really open the blog and about to start writing I see nothing but blank thoughts!!

Strange!! When I am in the subway…many interesting topics pop into my head and I immidiately decide to write few words on those and I forget…am I getting older?? Guess I am!!!

Like an old, tired lady I was reading some poems on life…here is one I would like to put in my blog:

A Poem on Life by Cory Calder:

Life is short, life is sour,
Slowly marching by the hour.
Life is fun, life is sweet,
Filled with dreams of no deceit.
Life is hard, life is gloom,
We fear our coming doom.
Life is family, life is friends,
We hope to never meet the ends.
Life is fear, life is greed,
Living under an evil creed.
Life is love, life is beauty,
Carefree of any duty.
Life is evil, life is lust,
We find it hard to give trust.
Life is hope, life is sharing,
Showing others were always caring.
Life is war, life is hate,
All destined for the same fate.
Life is good, and life is bad,
It always makes us happy and sad.


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