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Back Again!!

Looks like when life is either too frustrated or too relaxed I tend to NOT write here :P

This is very bad!! When you create a blog and you decide to write as regularly as possible, not  sticking to your words is something you want to avoid. You want to be focused and do your task as you are supposed to do! And yes, that also explains why I am not hardworking and organized!!

Well, it may seem that I am always looing at my bad sides and am being annoying with what I do and I should do and so on, but someone once told me that ‘As long as you are unhappy with your attitudes and performance, you are good, cause you tend work on improving yourself and strive to be a better human being’ . So I never stop criticizing myself !

Sometimes it seems I am being negative with almost everythign about myself, but that helps. I can look into what I lack and work on that. Trust me there are certain attitudes/features (of mine) that I have been trying to change for last 10 years(!!!) and nothign happend yet and to my surprise I am still trying…may be I have improved to some extent…yet I feel another 60%-70% to go….

There is one thing I always love about myself:  ‘I never give up’ :NEVER!!! Which sometimes turns bad…there are THINGS I should stop trying to get as I may never get those but as per my behavior I don’t stop :P lol!!

Am not sure what I am trying to explain here!! Does this post make any sense?? I doubt though :P

Anyway, at least I wrote somethign!!


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