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Flying Through The Cloud :)

My office is on 29th floor, and you can’t imagine the views that I have :)

Today its a very cloudy weather and windy.  I somehow manged to get into my office while wind was trying to fly me to the other side :P Well, when I get into my cubicle what I saw was spectecular!! The clouds are flying by my window. BTW, my cubic is just near the window so i gotta see all these mind blowing views. And you won’t believe how fast the clouds were passing through my window and I was feeling as if I am flying with them!

This was awesome!! I remeber long time back, I visited a hilly place called Ruma in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It was around 10 years back. My first ever journey by car to a hilly place. I remeber enjoying each and every momnet of it. As the car was climbing the hills, the higher we were the clouds were getting closer. That was the first time I saw clouds so close. I could not believe my eyes!! We stppoed our cars at some point and I could not believe that the cloud was passing through me (literally!!). This was one memorarble journey.

I know, sitting in a cubicle on 29th floor with bundles of work in your plate, the cloud is not as cherishable as it was back them. But atleast you get a glimse of relax and heavenly touch :)



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