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Visiting National Air and Space Museum!

Inside the Musium

This weekend I visited The Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. I have always wanted to go there since I read the description of moon rock in Humayun Ahmed and Zafar Iqbal’s  books. It was a great fun and good experience. the museum is full of amazing things about air and space. However, the moon rock was really dissapoingting :( It was so small I could barely figure out what it is and I was not at all excited)

The things that attracted me most were:
1. Simulation of an aircraft flight… starting from the take off to landing..there was simulation, very exciting…you can see which buttong are pushed, how the gear is changed… the navigation and the positiong of the aircraft and so on…its really cool and worthy of learning.

2. I was amzaed to see how the Wright brothers came up with the idea of FLYING!! how could someone even imagine that in 1903?? The technology, GPS….nothign would have been possible without that impossible dream!!! Oh Gosh, I wish I could be somewhat creative and intelligent like these people :P

3. Amazing amazing other cool stuff like contruction of planet, the begining of universe….all the scientific wonder of light …and so on..

There were so many kids around and I just missed all the Bangladeshi kids who grow up without all these exciting events and places where they could see all these scietific and educational stuff with fun. In Bangladesh even if kids read about these they mostly go through the books which most of the time is boring, if they could visit meusiums like this it would have been much better for their knowledge and their educational growth.

The Moon Rock and Wright Brother Plane:

2005-3746_640.jpg Wright Brothers Plane


2 thoughts on “Visiting National Air and Space Museum!

  1. Tumi Tik bolecho. Bobura jode Museum e dekte petho taile oek beche shikte parto Bangladeshe. I am working on this project with said uncle of KKA Kochi Konther Asar in the Kids vision channel to be lanched next year where creative 12 year olds of Bangladesh will be Kochi Gobeshoks.So they willdo some thematic experimentation in the show like in dragonfly tv Tomar interest ta concrete korte chaile phone deyo.

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