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Cell Phones Cause Traffic Jams, And Other Problems

So if you talk on the cell phone obviously and most likely you will drive slowly, and there will be definetely impact on your driving from your conversations. If you are arguing with someone ont the phone mostly you will  drive in daring mood…these are all common sense reasoning I guess :) But scientist has to research on it and poublish out…..sometimes I find certain things so funny….specially when people make deals out of common things :P

Here is the news:

Cell phone usage is being blamed for several problems this week as a University of Utah study found that cell phone usage on highways causes traffic jams.

David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, said new research not only showed that the cars of drivers talking on cell phones tended to move slower, but also that the conversational activity tends to cause traffic to show down.

“At the end of the day, the average person’s commute is longer because of that person who is on the cell phone right in front of them,” Strayer said in a statement. “That SOB on the cell phone is slowing you down and making you late.”

The study adds to previous research conducted by Strayer’s team, which demonstrated that the reaction of young adults talking on cell phones is as slow as the reaction times of senior citizens. The Utah research group also established that conversation — and not the use of hands-free phone devices — is the main distraction while driving and talking on cell phones.

How Funny :))


One thought on “Cell Phones Cause Traffic Jams, And Other Problems

  1. This is an issue that frustrates me everyday! I cannot believe that people can be that stupid. Here there is a law against driving while using a cellphone, but it simply cannot be enforced. I read recently that a study was done, and they found that the reactions and reflexes of people slow down to that of elderly people if they talk on cellphones while driving. Makes you think….

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